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general Instructions

 The text should be typed in a word processing program Word, Latin ( Serbian Latin character set ) , with 1.5 line spacing , only in Times New Roman 12-point font size ( 12 pt ) . All margins set to 25 mm , the page size to A4 size , and text typed with left alignment and paragraph indentations of 10 mm , no . When writing not use consecutive blank characters ( spaces are ) for text alignment , but alignment control tool on the ruler and Toolbars . After each punctuation mark only one blank character . If the text using special characters ( symbols) , use the Symbol font . References from bibliography in the text are indicated by Arabic numerals in square brackets - eg . [ 1 , 2] , and the order in which they appear in the text. Pages are numbered row in the bottom margin , starting with the title page .

defining the journal

 The magazine is designed for all health care workers primarily nurses . The Journal will be engaged in scientific -disciplinary approach to nursing and health care. Papers will be published primarily in primary care and preventive medicine : primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health care management services as well as our sister from all related disciplines , papers , preliminary papers , literature review , case report , history of nursing and health care as well as abstracts and papers from the congress as Suplementum . Magazine will be published four times a year.

Use short , clear sentences . The terms of the references should be in the spirit of the Serbian language. All of the words or phrases that have a corresponding name in our language, replaced by that term . For the names of drugs used only generic names such as . Do not write Orvagil than metronidazole . If you are mentioned in the text devices (appliances ) are termed factory names, and the name and place of production should be indicated in the brackets .

If the work of the thesis , internship, or was made for a poster presentation for sručnog together , this should be specifically indicated in the note at the end of the text . Also, if the paper previously presented at a scientific meeting, indicate the official name of the event, place and time .


 To be considered equally by all persons who have contributed to the writing . Not allowed to work signed by persons who did not participate in the writing of it. Participation in the work may be a contribution to the development of statistics, interpretation of the text and the like . All others who contributed to the work , and who are not the authors of the manuscript , it should be stated in the section at the end of thanksgiving with a description of their work , of course , with the written consent .

first page

 In the middle write the title without abbreviations ; 'names (no titles ), indexed by numbers; official name

institutions of the author , position and state (the sequence corresponding indexed by numbers ) at the bottom indicate the name, contact address , brojtelefona , fax and e- mail address of the author responsible for correspondence.

Other. Abstract

 For the original write a short introduction, methods, results and major conclusions. The abstract should be up to 300 words. For the type of work a literature review , a case history or nursing should be accompanied by a summary of up to 300 words. At the end of each abstract to put keywords.


Below the summary write key words ( three to five) . In choosing ključnihreči by Medical Subject Headings - MeSH ( ) .

On page title of the article and below the names (no title) indexed by numbers , the institute in the English language , place and country. On the same page, write an abstract in English up to 300 words.

Papers are dostavnjaju the Serbian language, how to send the English language should be followed standard British English . Works that are entirely delivered in English or German are given priority in publication .

structure of the paper

 All headings are written in capital letters and bold . The manuscript should have the following headings : Introduction, Objective , Methods , Results, Discussion , Conclusion , References .

A literature review include: Introduction , subheadings , references ; works of this type can only publish authors who have 10 or more years of experience , and authors who have a higher education , as well as authors who had previously publicized original radove.Prikaz patients include: Introduction , Case report , Discussion , References . Do not use patients' names or initials , hospital numbers , especially in the illustrations.


 Use only when necessary and only when used for the first time to write the full name in parentheses the abbreviation eg . hepatic encephalopathy (HE ) can be used acronyms as abbreviations for recognizable example . DNA , AIDS , HIV, ATP , WHO) . Do not use abbreviations in the title. Avoid using abbreviations in the abstract.

decimal numbers

 The text of the Serbian write decimal numbers with a comma , and the English text , in tables, charts, and the other contributions , given that in these states , and the English translation , decimal numbers written with a dot ( eg, the text will be 12 , 5 ± 3.8 , and Table 12.5 ± 3.8). Units of measure . Length, height , weight, and volume expressed in metric units (meter - m kilogram - kg, liter - ) or its parts. Temperature in degrees Celsius ( ° C), the amount of substance in moles ( mol ) , apritisak blood in millimeters mercury (mm Hg) .

structure of the paper

In the introduction to define the subject of research and connect with current scientific framework, emphasize the importance of the issues that you do . Give a brief overview of previous research related to the research problem.


Write a research goal . Write a detailed methodological approach ( define sample used istruments : questionnaire , scale , interviews , etc. . ) Write a program and which kind of statistic data analysis was used .

Research results :

Present your results in logical sequence only where there was statistically significant , and all results presented in the table.


Comment on the results than expected and previous research , the results provide explanations .


Briefly describe the research, the results highlight the most important and how to use them in practice.

References :

Reliable literature by entering key words can be found at

Length of the manuscript . The entire manuscript - the title page , abstract , text , references , all contributions , including captions and legends ( tables, figures , charts , diagrams , drawings ) , title page and abstract in English - must be the original work up to 5,000 words, and the history of nursing , the literature and others. to 3,500 words. Checking the number of words in a document can be done in Word through submenu Tools Word Count or File Properties Statistics.

Tabele.Tabele be numbered in Arabic numerals in order of appearance in the text, with the name in Serbian and English ( Table) . Tables should be exclusively in Word , the menu Table - Insert -Table , the adequate number of rows and columns that will form the network table. Abbreviations used in the table are explained in the legend below the chart in Serbian and English. Each table should be presented on a separate page .

Pictures. The images are numbered in Arabic numerals in order of appearance in the text, with the name in Serbian and English ( Figure) . If you have pictures of colleagues / fellow patients or how many have not given written consent to pristju to have their photo displayed in the work of such photographs will not be considered for publication. The patient must give written consent and the photo must not show the eyes of the patient. Pictures taken with a digital camera desired resolution should be 300 dpi , image format 10 × 15 cm and format . Jpg or . TIFF .

Graphs. Graphs should be prepared and submitted in Excel charts be linked to the same Word document , where charts are numbered in Arabic numerals in order of appearance in the text, with the name in Serbian and English ( Graph ) . All the data in the chart typing in Times New Roman , Serbian and English. Abbreviations used in graphs should be explained in the legend below the chart in Serbian and English.

Schemes (drawings ) . Schemes of work in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator (programs to work with vectors, curves ) . All the schemes are typed in the font Times New Roman , in Serbian and English ( Scheme Drawing) , font size 10 pt. Abbreviations used in the scheme should be explained in the legend under the scheme in Serbian and English. At the end of the paper as you want to add a thank you to someone who helped work carried out in a separate line write Acknowledgement and below indicate the names and the reasons for that are the subject of thanksgiving .

References . References numbered in Arabic numerals in order of appearance in the text . Number of references should not exceed 35, except in the literature , which are allowed to be up to 55 The number of citations of original articles must be at least 75 % of the total number of references , the number of citations of books, book chapters and review articles of less than 35%. Most cited scientific papers should not be older than five years. References are cited according to the Vancouver style ( in uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals ) , which established the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( ) , a format used by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the database of scientific publications . Citing examples of publications ( articles , books and other monographs, electronic , unpublished and other published materials ) can be found on the website .

In citation of references is very important to follow the above mentioned standards , because it is one of the three factors important thing for indexing in the classification of scientific journals.

Cover letter. Be sure the new Word document submitted with the statement that contains : the work not previously published , that orginalan work that has been submitted for publication in another journal , and at the end of the document write first and last names of all authors with a personal signature . In this document to submit the birth of each author.

Journal articles on the obajvljivati ​​book reviews, comments and letters to the editor , reports from scientific meetings, the scope of these articles must not exceed 2 pages of 12-point font size ( 12 pt ) spacing of 1.5.

Papers should be sent by e mail : serbian.journal.nurses @