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 In accordance with the provisions of Article 11 . and 12 Law on Associations ( "Official Gazette of RS " , br.51/09 ) , the inaugural meeting held on 09.11. 2012th the
Belgrade was adopted
Section 1
This statute defines the name , objectives and activities of the Association of Nurses primary care Serbia ( hereinafter referred to as the Association) , and the way to achieve the objectives , the headquarters of the Association , the terms of membership and the rights and obligations of members , the organization and structure of the Association Representation associations , public action , decision-making and association and membership in international organizations , the adoption of amendments and public satutarnih labels Association.
Article 2
The Association is a voluntary, non-profit , professional, scientific , independent, non-partisan organization that is established for an indefinite time in the field of health care and preventive medicine in the territory of Serbia .
Article 3
Association to work to the Constitution and laws, and the Association is open to the public .
Article 4
Association of nurses and technicians, primary care Serbia is an independent organization comprising nurses, technicians , and who can join (which can become members ) Members of other associations and companies in the field of medical sciences in the country and abroad.
Section 5
The Association is established to achieve the following objectives in the field of health care and preventive medicine :
1 commitment to improving health care in primary care in Serbia zdravsvenoj
2 assist members to exercise their rights before the Ministry of Health and other ministries and governmental organizations and agencies
3 commitment to build the best possible system of care in which nurses give their maximum contribution , with emphasis on the field of prevention .
4 care for members of the Association in situations where they need professional support
5 cooperation with international institutions in the interests of the profession
Activities of the Association :
1 organize expert meetings to help educate the general availability of all members of the freedom of choice
2 encouraging and organizing professional research within the scope of nursing and health care
3 active participation in international conferences and congresses
4 association of international associations that are of interest to the goals of the Association
5 organization of professional meetings , conferences , forums, seminars , workshops and other professional
6 cooperation with the Chamber of Nurses and all the associations and associations with similar objectives in the country
7 efforts to establish effective communication between nurses in Serbia and cooperation with all institutions, from local governments to the national level with the implementation of preventive actions to preserve individual and population health and prevention of disease .
8 publication of the Association's publications
Article 6
The objectives of the Association are achieved through the activities of the Association and the Association of organ activity of members of the Association.
Article 7
The Association was organized as an association of citizens , with all the legal rights and obligations with citizens' associations.
Article 8
The association is a legal entity with rights and obligations under the laws and regulations passed by .
Article 9
Name of the Association : "Association of nurses and technicians, primary care Serbia "
The Association shall have a round seal 32mm diameter with text on top
edge of the Cyrillic alphabet , the Association of Nurses of primary health care in Serbia.
The seal of the Association shall be a rectangle with the text , the Association of Nurses primary care Serbia , address , date, and number of the document that is filed .
The association has an emblem with natpisomUdruženje Nurses primary care Serbia , whose form decision Donas Board of the Association .
Article 10
Association Headquarters : Str : Peter Konjovića No. 12 Belgrade . crab 11090
In associational membership
Article 11
Member of the Association may be any person who accepts the objectives and Articles of Association , based on the recommendation of one of its members.
The decision on admission shall be made by the Presidency.
Membership is gained by signing the application ,
Article 12
The Association consists of regular, honorary members of the charity . Only full members are entitled to vote.
Honorary Member (optional presidency , especially prominent expert in the field of preventive medicine. )
Benefactors are prominent donors and sponsors .
Article 13
Regular member of the Association may only be a health worker who has completed professional qualification as a nurse - technicians ( all profiles ) .
To become a full member of the Association of the candidate must have one of the professional qualification:
Secondary school, college , university and academic education level
Article 14
Member of the Association shall be entitled to participate in all activities of the Association , to elect the Association's bodies and to be elected by the Association.
Article 15
Each member of the Association shall comply with the provisions of the Statute and other general acts of the Association , as well as individual acts of the Association.
Article 16
Association members pay a membership fee . The amount of dues for the current year is determined by the Presidency.
Article 17
Membership in the Association is terminated by resignation , or removal from the exclusion.
Article 18
Each member of the Association may resign from membership when you no longer want to be a member of the Association. Submits a written statement from the Association and the date of filing of the statement is considered to be the date of withdrawal from the Association .
Article 19
A member may be expelled from the Association if it fails to comply with the statute and other general acts of the Association . The decision to exclude the Assembly on the proposal of the Presidency
Article 20
The funds of the Association ostvarujje :
- Membership fees ;
- Voluntary contributions,
- donation
- Gifts ( in cash or in kind) ,
- Registration fees for seminars , symposia and conferences
- Financial subsidies ,
- In other lawful ways.
The Association may acquire funds have the following activities :
- non-teaching activities that support educational processes or systems :
- Educational Consulting
- advisory activities for guidance in education
- Testing activities and assessment tests
- Organizing student exchange program ;
- Publishing of books in print or electronic format, the audio track or on the Internet , brochures , booklets , leaflets and similar publications
- Visiting the elderly and persons with special needs
- Day care for the elderly or people with special needs
- Vocational rehabilitation and training for persons with disabilities and
   limit the possibilities for education;
- Social activities targeting children and youth
- Adoption of prevention of violence against children and other persons .
 Income earned through economic and other activities can be used
exclusively for the achievement of the association, including the cost of regular
the Association and its own participation in the financing of specific projects.
Article 21
Bodies of the Association are: the Assembly , the Presidency , the Scientific Committee and the Supervisory Board.
Article 22
Assembly consists of all members .
The Assembly meets regularly once a year. Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened upon a proposal by the Presidency , as well as the initiative of at least one-third of the assembly members . The initiative to the Presidency in writing and it must specify the issues to be discussed proposed.
Assembly session convened by the President of the Association, written notice of the time and place of the meeting and its agenda . The session is chaired by a person who , by public vote , elected at the beginning of the session .
Assembly :
1) the plan and program of work;
2 ) adopt the Statute , as well as amendments to the Statute ;
3 ) adopt other general acts of the Association ;
4 ) appoint and dismiss the President , members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board ;
5 ) Consider and adopt, at least annually , a report of the Presidency of the Association;
6 ) consider and adopt the financial plan and report;
7) decide on status changes and the dissolution of the association;
8 ) decide on joining unions and other associations in the country and abroad.
9 ) discuss and decide on other matters of the Association
Full Assembly decides if at least half of its members .
Parliament shall decide by majority vote .
A decision on amendments to the Statute , status changes and dissolution of the Association requires a two-thirds majority of members present.
Article 23
Presidency of the Association of Nurses primary care Serbia 's governing body of the Association and consists of :
- President
- Vice President
Secretary -
- President of the Scientific Committee
- 11 senior members of the Association elected at the founding assembly of the Association.
The members of the Presidency are elected for a term of four years.
President and 14 other members ( UP) Assembly elected for a term of four years. The president and members (PU ) can be elected only two consecutive terms. Presidency of the Association of valid decisions if at least eight members of the Police and the decisions made ​​by a majority of the members present . PU sessions attended by Secretary of Nurses primary care Serbia
Article 24
Presidency of the Association :
- Enforcement of bylaws and decisions of the Assembly and the Presidency of the Association of Nurses primary care Serbia
- Draft the amendments to the Statute
- Preparation of draft laws adopted by the Parliament
- Make decisions in terms of achieving goals and objectives , as well as on cooperation with other associations and institutions
- Draft the annual work plan
- Consider the reports of the Supervisory Board
Manages the work of the Presidency president of the Association of nurses and technicians, primary care protect the Serbian
Article 25
President of the Association is also the Chairman of the Presidium of the Association :
manage the work of the Presidency of the Association, to the Assembly of the Association's members , represented by the Association in public. Chairs the meetings of the Assembly and to the implementation of decisions . Performs other duties during their mandate.
In the absence of the Vice President replaces him . The term of office is four years . The president can only be elected for two consecutive terms , and intermittent no limit to the number of mandates.
Article 26
Scientific Committee :
The Scientific Committee consists of the President of the Scientific Committee, who shall be a member of the Presidency of the Association of Nurses primary care Serbia and another 5 elected members. They are elected for a term of four years. The Scientific Committee shall consider all matters referred by the Presidency of the Association of Nurses Primary Health Care of Serbia, especially those related to education and training , and provides an expert opinion as feedback to the Presidency proposes papers related to education and additional training . Establish committees for specific areas of research within the Association . Discusses the newspaper in continuous medical education and accordingly inform the Presidency . Cooperate with other related professional development. Compiles annual report and submit it to the Assembly. Organizes professional and scientific meetings of the Association of Nurses Primary Health Care Serbian ( choice of topics , papers , clerks , etc.).
Article 27
The Supervisory Board oversees the financial operations of the Association and the observed irregularities , without delay , inform the Board of the Association .
The Supervisory Board consists of three members elected by the Assembly . The term of office of the Supervisory Board shall be four years and may be re-elected.
The Supervisory Board shall report to each session of the Assembly.
In case of violation of the Statute or other documents , upon notice, the Board may convene an extraordinary assembly .
Article 28
The duties of the Secretary are to organize the preparation of materials for the Presidency and take care of the documents of the Association.
Article 29
The work of the association is open to the public .
Informing the public is done through public insformisanja and inform members shall be direct information circulars or e -mail.
IX ASSOCIATION Greater organizational form
Article 30
Association of Nurses in primary care Serbia can join other associations and societies at home and abroad , and the decision is made by simple majority vote and shall notify the appropriate state agency within the statutory deadline .
X -MAKING METHOD charter amendment
Article 31
Amendments to this Statute made ​​in the manner and procedure of its adoption . The proposal for the adoption of amendments to the Statute shall be Predesedništvu Association of Nurses primary care Serbia
The proposal for the adoption of amendments to the Statute can run one third of the members of the Assembly of the Association or the Supervisory Board. The procedure for the adoption of amendments to the Statute shall be initiated upon a written proposal of the Presidency of the Association within 30 days of its submission . Changes and amendments made ​​by the Assembly by a simple majority vote of the members present.
Article 32
Association of nurses and technicians, primary care Serbia , stops working when the decision to bring this Assembly.
President of the Association of Nurses primary care Serbia shall , within 15 days of the termination of the Association notify the appropriate government authority.
In case of dissolution of the Association , the Assembly shall decide on the successor in the assets and property of the Association
Article 33
This Statute shall enter into force on the date of its adoption by the inaugural meeting Udruženja.medicinskih nurses and technicians, primary care Serbia , and shall apply from the date of registration in the register kept by the competent state authority .
Chairman of Constituent Assembly
Milos Todorovic