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Summary or abstract is an abbreviated form of the original work . The purpose of writing the summary is a quick and effective way to inform the reader of the research problem saopštenog in the original work.
If the work is published in its entirety in a magazine usually writes a summary below the title and above the work. It can be written in the language of the written work in English or , if the magazine is of international concern . The summary is also written by the established methodology, a number of words are often restricted from 250-300 words. The summary should be written so that is easy to read , it is clear and easy to understand. Abstract elements are: title, author and co-authors , name of the institution , introduction, objective , material and methods , results and discussion and conclusion.

Title - The title written in large letters , aligned left . It should be clear that describes the work and never formulated as a question. It can be formulated creatively.
On the next line to write the name and surname of the author and co-author , and underscores name of the person who will be exhibiting work . In the next line, write the name of the institution and the place.

Introduction - should include a sentence that is the core of the work , and which reflects the practical conclusion of this paper .

The aim of the work - should be very brief, precise , never formulated as a question but in the positive manner .

Materials and methods: if the topic research indicate material (which is a population sample survey and the number of participants or if the experiment in question, what is the material of research ... ) and methods ( surveys, knowledge test , experiment , etc. . ) Ie . how to get results and with which instrument (questionnaire , a test of knowledge ... ) .
The results are shown in 2 - 4 sentences , including a significant and predominant with a brief discussion and comment.

The conclusion drawn from the results in accordance with set targets and title. It is desirable to provide an opinion on the impact that work can have on the practice verbally or in the form of a written policy suggestions .

Keywords (key words 3 - 5 ) provide a summary below . They give prepoznatiljivost key concepts and content of the work contained in the original, allowing other readers or investigators to obtain the required information from the literature via databases, the Internet.

References All citations are cited in the text by Arabic brojvema in parentheses , quotation marks and serial numbers must be podudaruju with a list of literature that is attached to the end of the manuscript . References should be cited according Vankuverskoj declaration, as in the Serbian archives. The summary is usually printed in the proceedings or journals which is also a reason to act according to the established methodology , to make your work more better explained .

    - Avoid to write extensively about what is already in the textbook or literature .
    - If the work is displayed in the summary of the research results or personal attitude.
    - If you make a summary of the theoretical aspect of it should include a comprehensive overview of the topic , and then the purpose or goal of the presentation .
    - The summary should contain no more than 250-300 words. During the final preparation of the presentation should be considered whether it is for oral , POSTER or will be displayed through posters .