posters and billboards

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In recent years, the poster as visual aids for the presentation of papers becomes more and more interesting . The reasons are practical , because the participants are numerous professional conferences , and the exposure time is limited .
Poster has all the elements of written work : a major title, below (right) the author's name and institution , aim, material and methods, results with a brief discussion and conclusion.
Posters would be the most suitable of the 70 x 100 cm , and the letters should be visible ( 1cm ) .
Can be illustrated with charts , diagrams , photographs .
- Suitable for both young and inexperienced actors who have stage fright before a crowd of exposure .
- Preference is also exposed to the topics available for extended observation and analysis
- Provides an opportunity for participants to record under his own interest , and in some time discussing the issue with the author .


An idea that can suit a given topic, especially if you are creative , you may see by the posters.
The poster is an aid in their appearance ( size, color , image, label ) aims to attract , encourage reflection , activity, explain or unknown correct wrongly svaćeno . Posters his tongue should inform immediately , clear , fast , reliable . The purpose may be different posters ( advertising , political , film , health - educational , pedagogical ... ) but always a motivation based on winning the one who sees it .
The poster can be:
- No text , if there is a clearly defined idea
- Accompanied by a written text, with few words , if the scientific facts illustrated with drawings and paintings
- Custom views ( eg for teaching people with low levels of education).