oral presentations

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Oral presentations are always limited by time. It varies on whether the work scheduled for the upcoming themes and are invited speaker ( invited paper ) . At the scheduled time of 15 - 20 minutes. These documents carry the theme of the essence 'conference . They are often subjected to this in the context okrulog table discussion with interested participants from the audience .

Other works related to vocational or leisure topics are subjected to a period of 8 - 10 minutes. In commenting on the results it should be emphasized that significant and if the percentage of respondents with more than ten , or if the absolute number of respondents is less than ten .

Oral presentations will be more interesting if you present them using some form of media presentation ( video beam , slides , overhead projector ... ), which will attract and hold the attention of the meeting and clarify the issue.

The biggest problem inexperienced exhibitors a short time of exposure .

Here are a few general tips:

- Prior exposure to think of anything else to do.
- If the exhibitor does not have experience or needs support, can give someone with experience to read the paper with comments and opinions .
- Time will be honored if the exhibitor of the essence and adapt to significant elements of the allotted time and to train the home.
- The dynamics of the contribution should be adjusted during exercise and at the meeting .
- Presentation of a video beam , films , require synchronization with verbal commentary.
- The text does not read the paper , if you use electronic presentation or through the foil .
- Presented slides shall be provided along with your brief comment
- Long works become boring and lead to carelessness audience
- We need to think of other exhibitors and other obligations planned for the day.
- If an exhibitor of being reprimanded for not adhering to the time of employment offices, should be transferred to a conclusion and complete exposure