Our vision

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Dear colleagues,

Group of nurses / technicians Serbia - visionary enthusiasts and professionals established primary care is an independent, non-profit, independent association of vocational heard that will represent the knowledge and Umeda acquiring in their daily dedication and work with patients.
In addition to accreditation of the professional program at Serbia, UMSTPZZS ripped solving oriented professional membership status issues and prevention of disease.

Our vision is :

 To become a synonym for quality, continuity , creativity and credibility of the continuing education of nurses - primary health technician

protection of the Serbian constantly setting higher standards in the field of health promotion , disease prevention , as well as in the field of nursing as a profession.

- Not only do we introduce new habits and trends, but predict them and create .

- To be synonymous with the association that operates in accordance with the time comes

We invite you to join us ...

Because it is intended to raise awareness of how much we are worth , and how much we still have to learn
Because they need to be active rather than passive participants in the process of your work
Because we need to work together to implement the best practices education
Because it 's important to get your feedback
Because you need to stay in step with the world, we have the potential
Because you are important to us your ideas
Because they need to be informed
... and for many more.

 You tell us ...
UMSTPZZS is an association open to any cooperation with all who are interested.

Because ...

Together we are many !
UMSTPZZS is not just a theory put into practice - UMSTPZZS you current and future members and associates !
Of all the good things knowledge is the best , " because no one can steal it, because no one can buy , because it is indestructible ."
   UMSTPZZS team invites you to take an active part in the organization and implementation of our activities