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ANMTPHC of Serbia: Presentation 

• Non - profit Independent Vocational Association
• This came as a response to the need of medical profesionals to connect to a larger number of nurses and technicians who work in primary health care in Serbia.

Why ANMTPHC Serbia? Because we need a reliable partner and friend, who understands the problems of the profession and all the specifics that this area carries, identified real opportunities for advancement and training.

Why ANMTPHC Serbia? Who understands better nurses & technicians of the primary health care level then themselves?

Our vision is ... To become a synonym for quality, continuity, creativity and credibility of continuing education by constantly setting higher standards in the field of health improvement, prevention of diseases, as well as in the field of nursing as a profession.

Our vision is not only to introduce new habits and trends, but also to anticipate and create them .

We invite you to join us ...

Because we need to raise awareness of what we are worth, how much we know and how much more we need to learn
Because you should be active, not passive participants in the process of your work
Because we need to implement best practices for the education together
Because it is important for us to hear your opinion
That's why you need to stay in step with the world, we have the potential
Because your ideas are important to us
Because you need to be informed
... and for many more. You tell us ...
ANMTPHCS is not just a theory put into practice
ANMTPHCS Is you : present and future members and associates!
ANMTPHCS team invites you to be actively involved in the organization and implementation of our activities

Privileges: Only registered members will have priority and privilege to acquire the necessary points for KME (free lectures- no fee), thematic workshops, courses and training for new methods and skills.

IMPORTANT! "All together for all" The Association is committed to provide an opportunity for all members of the presence of free accredited, innovative education programs in the fields of:
• preventive medicine,
• dentistry
• physical medicine,
• biochemistry,
• gynecology,
• of Pediatrics,
• internal medicine, NPH, ENT, ophthalmology,
• pharmacy
• other highly specific areas depending on their interests.
In this way, all members will be able to acquire the 24 points per year required for the extension of the license.
The Association is committed to quality teaching, because lecturers employ educated staff, ranging from nurses and technicians, and to Professor of Medicine.
The higher percentage of lectures is also accredited for physicians.


You can download .pdf version of presentation for printing HERE!