Nurse on the way to a better professional future

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The report of the meeting : Prof. Ljiljana Tihoček - Šojić - Lidija Kruškonja

Dear colleagues, we would like to share with you all the impressions of the meeting with our delegation and Prof. Ljiljana Tihoček - Šojić . With great pride and pleasure to announce that Academic Council of the Faculty of Dentistry , approved and started largely to the curriculum PROFESSIONAL dental nurses , as well as programs of specialized studies , for dental nurses .

School of Dentistry will be first-generation students  next year(2014/2015) , studies last for three years, and dental nurses after the completion of these studies , as well as other profiles will be able to continue professional development through certain specializations. At the registration, there will be entrance examination ( vocational subjects ) . Teaching database will be Belgrade Faculty of Dentistry , a fellow of practice will enable learning by doing . Prices will be adjusted to study budget, given that the public is aware of the plight of dental nurses in health care reform. Number of students upon enrollment will be limited, but we hope that ther will be a place for all.

We are sure that this is the way to a better professional future , because we can only educated in Europe.
Slavica Konević